Vacuum Pump Selection Data

  • Very similar to the Condensate  Pumps

  • Voltage- Needs to be exact example

  • 230-3-60 not 230/460-3-60

  • Simplex or Duplex

  • Load - Typical units include EDR, BTU, Pound /HR

  • Back Pressure -  Usually gravity return but can discharge into a pressurized return main.  Need Static+ lift + distance and size  pipe.

  • CFM is sized per ASHRAE we will take care of that

Mandatory Equipment

  • Tank

  • Pump 

  • Float Switch Starts and Stops the Pump Simplex Units or a Mechanically  Alternating float Switch (Mechanical Alternator)  for Duplex Units.

  • Vacuum Switch and Gauge

  • Always requires Starters and are included